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Safetek Security Industries, Inc. has designed a technical counter surveillance team that deploys expertly trained and qualified personnel, along with appropriate equipment, to designated sites around Los Angeles, CA to examine them for eavesdropping devices, and security hazards or weaknesses. We offer our technical counter surveillance services to government officials, individuals, and boards for high-level meetings and negotiations.

Whether you are a diplomat serving the interests of the country, chair of the board for a major charity, or Chief Executive Officer of a top company, your business is confidential. That confidentiality depends on professional, reliable technical counter surveillance that inspects for, and guarantees, your privacy from eavesdropping from other governments or business competitors.

We do not just sweep the site for bugs. We initiate a full-scale counter surveillance procedure that includes searches for electronic eavesdropping media, technical issues like cell phone or Internet monitoring, and physically inspecting the entire place for security hazards, issues, and flaws. If we find a problem or potential weakness, we will initiate measures to eliminate weaknesses, neutralize dangers, and enhance security at every level.

When you need the highest possible level of security, you cannot rely on any security company you find in the phone book. You need a company with a proven record of successful counter surveillance, with experience and training specific to your need, and with the skills and equipment necessary to protect your interests. Our licensed professionals have all the skills necessary to keep your interests protected and your family or colleagues secure.

From surveying for bugs to screening for cell phone and computer weaknesses, Safetek Security Industries, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA stands ready to defend your interests, your business, and your people. Get us on your case by seeing us today.

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