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Digital data forensics is a highly specialized form of security that analyzes networks for vulnerabilities, provides detailed reports of the analysis, and recommends protective measures against future attacks. It also examines hard drives for graphic images, text files, emails, and browsing history to uncover evidence in civil or criminal legal matters. Safetek Security Industries, Inc. offers Los Angeles, CA law enforcement, lawyers, and individuals excellent digital data forensics to find evidence and uncover vulnerabilities.

If you are a lawyer investigating a case or an employer investigating misconduct, expert digital data forensics can give you the information you need to make your case or stop the improper actions of your employee. Our staff members have extensive experience in evaluating computers and networks, and can manage investigations that range from unobtrusive, automatic vulnerability scanning to a full analysis and penetration of a client’s network. We design each case to meet the client’s specific need.

We not only offer expert personnel in the form of a highly trained response team, but also maintain and continually upgrade our forensic computers and software to keep pace with fast-growing technology. We can provide our data forensics examinations in the field or in the controlled and secured environment of our computer forensics lab, and we offer a full portfolio of digital forensics services for municipal, corporate, and industrial clients throughout the area.

If you suspect that somebody has tampered with your business computers or need access to the files and emails on a computer hard drive, you need an experienced company to get to it. For excellent digital data forensics services, get the best and talk to Safetek Security Industries, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA.

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